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Version v1.0.1062.0
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Getting started Sequence basics Taming the sequence Concurrency
Lee Campbell
Introduction to Rx
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Practical Rx Training
London 24-25 March 2015

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Book now!

Welcome is the online resource for getting started with the Reactive Extensions to .Net. Originally starting life as a blog series, it has now flourished into an online book. You can read it online here via the website, or get a copy of the Kindle edition for reading offline.

The content of the this book targets version 1.0.10621.0 of Rx (NuGet: Rx-Main v1.0.11226). This means all code samples will compile against that version. Note that Rx has shipped v2 since the release of this book. While this may initially be a concern for some readers, I would like to reassure readers that their investment in this book is still sound. All of the concepts are still valid. Virtually all of the code will still work on the latest version of Rx. The version 2.0+ of Rx is largely a set of performance and portability improvements, and there are a few new features mainly around async/await support. The key things to take away from this book are the concepts. The concepts are equally applicable to v1 as they are to v2 and even transcend languages and platforms; these concepts will take you a long way in using Rx in JavaScript or even on the JVM with Java or Scala.

If you have any comments or requests, feel free to add them on the official Rx forums at this post. You can also tweet me @LeeRyanCampbell.